About Us

Stunts LP was founded on October 2002 by Estonian stuntman Enar Tarmo and Finnish stunt-master Reijo Reka Kontio. Stunts LP is international company, which main facility is stunt-services in Estonia, though we have done some projects in Finland and Russia as well. The idea about forming the company in Estonia was born years ago because both members have done stunts since 1994, when FX & Stunt Artists of Finland OY was founded. Reijo Kontio was the one who put together the first stunt-training-courses in Finland on 1993/1994 at the School of Arts and Communication in Turku. There were 12 participators in these courses. Among other masters were teaching us: Kimmo Rajala from Sweden, Oleg Korotin from Russia and Aldo Tammsaar from Estonia. And as you can imagine – after that the world is not the same. Some of the things we’ve done you could find under the Past.
See you on the set!

Enar & Reka
Enar and Reka on the set of Hevi Reissu